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FYSETC Cheetah Board

Product Introduction


Designed for a single-head 3D printer, many interfaces are reserved for more features. Such as AC detection, filament detection, leveling with BL-touch or other sensors.


  • Compact size: 101.5mm x 72mm,Compatible with the Creatlity ender 3 motherboard size

  • fully integrated all in one solution:

  • STM32F103 MCU (Run Marlin 2.0 )
  • CH340 for high speed USB serial connection
  • 4X TMC2209 stepper drivers, Support sensor-less homing


  • can be used with 7V-35V for motors / heated bed
  • integrated high precision power regulators (DC/DC): 5V 1A Max and 3.3V 600mA Max LDO

  • Onboard TF card socket

  • EXP1 for 12864 display panel (Creality 12864 panel or FYSETC Generic12864)
  • Onboard RGB control
  • RGB control and fan control 12V/24V optional (Requires 24V to 12V module)
  • PCB:
  • High quality, High temperature FR4-TG130 PCB
  • Gold ENIG finishing


  • 3D printer
  • CNC Device
  • Other similar machines

Hardware Reasources

Board Name Cheetah
License GPL V2.0
Latest Version V1.0
Extruders 1
Fixed Fans 2 Max
Controlled Fans 1 Max
Heaters 1 Max
Endstops 3 Max
Temp sens 2 Max
I2C 1
Serial port chip CH340
CPU Speed ( MHz ) 72 Mhz
Stepper driver 4X TMC2209
Stepper driver Type Onboard
Input 7-35 V 20A Max;
Output BED OUT:10A Max ;Heater Out:5A Max

Tech Support

Please submit any technical issue into our forum