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NanoDLP Shield V1.1

Product Introduction


This expansion board is designed for the Raspberry Pi 3B which is used for SLA/DLP 3D printers running NanoDLP . The board contains a 9-28V to 5V circuit that provides a maximum of 3A and other interfaces required by NanoDLP. See the instructions below.


  • 9V-28V to 5V@3A Buck Converter
  • DRV8825 Stepper Driver
  • 12V Fans (cooling the Pi)
  • 2X Endstops
  • Controled MOS for ext LED driver
  • I2C Connector for LCD1602
  • Uart Connector for Touch Screen
  • Shutter support
  • 5V OUT Connector for ext Board


  • For NanoDLP software on Raspberry Pi


Board Name NanoDLP Shield
License CPL V2
Latest Version V1.1
Fixed Port 1X 12V(Same as input) and 5V
Controlled Port 1X 12V(Same as input)
Endstops Z-min /Z-max
I2C 1X PinHeader-4P
Serial port 1X XH2.54-4P
Stepper driver 1X DRV8825@2.5A max/32 microsteps max
Input 9V-28V
Output 5V@3A max, 9-28V@3A max

Interface Resources

Interface Layout



Shorted = 1, Open = 0 .

MS2 MS1 MS0 Microsteps
0 0 0 Full step (2-phase excitation) with 71% current
0 0 1 ½ step (1-2 phase excitation)
0 1 0 ¼ step (W1-2 phase excitation)
0 1 1 8 microsteps/step
1 0 0 16 microsteps/step
1 0 1 32 microsteps/step
1 1 0 32 microsteps/step
1 1 1 32 microsteps/step

Pin Definition




Wiring Diagram


  1. 9-28V Power Input, if you need connect a fan to cooling the UVLED you can connect it here too.
  2. For UVLED Input, you can ON/OFF the UVLED by Controlling the Output.
  3. HDMI to MIPI Board or other device which need 5V power.
  4. With the I2C Port, you can connet a I2C 1602LCD.
  5. The board support two endstops, TOP and bottom, you can also use the Photoelectric switch with all three pins.


Tech Support

Please submit any technical issue into our forum