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FYSETC Prusa MK3S clone Kit Database

image-Prusa MK3S 1.Prusa MK3S STL file update 2020.7.10

FYSETC/FYSETC-Prusa-MK3S-clone: FYSETC Prusa MK3S clone Kit Database (

These print files are suitable for FYSETC prusa MK3S 3D printer. The two parts are different official versions, extruder-body_R4 and extruder-motor-plate_R4. The other parts are the same as the official Prusa MK3S.

2.Prusa MK3S assembly tutorial

3.Prusa MK3S knowledge base

4.Prusa MK3S assembly tutorial update 2020.8.3
The tutorial is very detailed. We also provide a video assembly tutorial. It is more convenient to use the two tutorials together,divided into 5 steps:

5.Go to buy link: