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SB CAN ToolHead

1. Introduction

The SB CAN Tool Board is a highly integrated printhead control board. Based on STM32F072, running Klipper firmware. Onboard TMC2209 stepper motor driver, AXL345 acceleration sensor, and other necessary interfaces. And comes with a 2.5m 4-core cable for easy out-of-the-box use.

1.1 Feature

  • Based on STM32F072

  • Onboard 1M CAN transceiver

  • Onboard TMC2209

  • 2x 0.5A MAX PWM interface for controllable fan (default VIN power supply, 5V optional)

  • 1x signal input interface (VIN power supply, with level conversion)

  • 2x signal input and output interface (5V power supply, with pull-up resistor)

  • 1X 5V single wire RGB interface (1A MAX)

  • 1x 4A MAX PWM output for heating rod

  • 1x ADC interface for heating rod temperature acquisition

  • MX3.0 2X2 interface for power and CAN signal access

  • 1x Micro USB for firmware uploading

  • Comes with 2.5m 4-core cable, 2x16AWG+2x24AWG

  • Comes with terminal housing and wire crimping tabs

2. Hardware Guide

2.1 Install

Before you install the board, you need printed parts here. Then follow the 5 steps below.

SB CAN ToolHead

  1. You Stealburner should have to holes with heat inserts on.
  2. 3D Print the pcb_spacer.STL
  3. Place the PCB on the position
  4. Screw it to printed head and pcb_spacer.STL
  5. Follow the chapter 2.2 wiring to connect the peripherals and cover the lid.

2.2 Connectors

Connector name Type Details
IO.2 PH2.0-3P PB7,for input and output, hardware pull-up 10k resistor to 3.3v with 1k series resistor. 
Example:  endstops
IO.1 PH2.0-3P PB11,for input and output, hardware pull-up 10k resistor to 3.3v with 1k series resistor. 
Example:  endstops
IN.0 PH2.0-3P PB6,default 24v with level translator, pull-up to 3.3v
MOTOR PH2.0-4P TMC2209
EN : PB4
RX : PA10
TX : PA9
INPUT MX3.0 2X2P Max 24v 5A input(16AWG)/CANL,CANH (24AWG)
TE0 PH2.0-2P PA0,ADC,4.7K pull-up to 3.3V
HE0 XH2.54-2P PA8,MAX 4A,PWM output,max power recommended: 60W
FAN0 PH2.0-2P PA2,0.5A MAX PWM,for fan control (default VIN,5V selectable)
FAN1 PH2.0-2P PA3,0.5A MAX PWM,for fan control ( defalt VIN,5V selectable )
RGB PH2.0-3P PB1,1A MAX sigal line RGB port, 5V,for NeoPixel, WS2812
Micro-USB For firmware update and USB communication. Firmware update: Plug in USB first then power on.
 USB communication: Power on first then plug in USB port

2.3 Wiring

SB CAN ToolHead


Get SCH, DXF, STEP files on github:

GitHub - FYSETC/FYSETC_SB_CAN_TOOLHEAD: StealthBurner toolhead CAN bus module for VORON

3. Firmware Guide

This is only Klipper firmware support. If you are Klipper beginner please check the Klipper firmware build here: Installation - Klipper documentation

3.1 menuconfig

3.2 Firmware Upload

There is Micro-USB port on the board for firmware upload. Follow the sequence below.

  1. Power on your machine and wait for raspberrypi (Or other SBC) ready.

  2. Power down SB-CAN-TH board for at least 5s

  3. Connect SB-CAN-TH Micro-USB to RaspberryPi USB-A port with USB cable

  4. Plug in SB-CAN-TH board 24v socket to power on it( Get the power from machine PSU)

  5. Shoot lsusb command in Raspberry to check if it shows DFU port, if not go back to step 1

  6. Shoot command dfu-util -R -a 0 -s 0x08000000:leave -D out/klipper.bin

  7. Remove Micro-USB cable and SB-CAN-TH socket for 5s, then plug in SB-CAN-TH socket again.

  8. Finished

3.3 Configuration

Obtain the Klipper configuration file here , you need to get the CAN ID following CANBUS - Klipper documentation:

4. Log and known issues

4.1 v1.1

Note: v1.1 have some silk print errors below, the red letters are the right silk print.





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