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Product Introduction


The TMC2209 is an ultra-silent motor driver IC for two phase stepper motors. TMC2209 pinning is compatible to a number of legacy drivers as well as to the TMC2208. TRINAMICs sophisticated StealthChop2 chopper ensures noiseless operation,maximum efficiency and best motor torque. Its fast current regulation and optional combination with SpreadCycle allow highly dynamic motion while adding. StallGuard for sensorless homing. The integrated power MOSFETs handle motor currents up to 2A RMS with protection and diagnostic features for robust and reliable operation. A simple to use UART interface opens up tuning and control options. Store application tuning to OTP memory.Industries’ most advanced STEP/DIR stepper motor driver family upgrades designs to noiseless and most precise operation for cost-effective and highly competitive solutions.Step/Dir Drivers for Two-Phase Bipolar Stepper Motors up to 2.8A peak –StealthChop™ for Quiet Movement – UART Interface Option –Sensorless Stall Detection StallGuard4.


  • 2-phase stepper motors up to 2.8A coil current (peak), 2A RMS
  • STEP/DIR Interface with 8, 16, 32 or 64 microstep pin setting
  • Smooth Running 256 microsteps by MicroPlyer™ interpolation
  • StealthChop2™ silent motor operation
  • SpreadCycle™ highly dynamic motor control chopper
  • StallGuard4™ load and stall detection for StealthChop
  • CoolStep™ current control for energy savings up to 75%
  • Low RDSon, Low Heat-Up LS 170mΩ & HS 170mΩ (typ. at 25°C) t
  • Voltage Range 4.75… 29V DC
  • Low Power Standby to fit standby energy regulations
  • Internal Sense Resistor option (no sense resistors required)
  • Passive Braking, Freewheeling, and automatic power down
  • Single Wire UART & OTP for advanced configuration options
  • Integrated Pulse Generator for standalone motion
  • Full Protection & Diagnostics

Technical Specifications

Model TMC2209
Interface Step/Dir
Configuration CFG Pins or UART
Native Microsteps up to 1/256
microPlyer Microsteps 1/256
Logic Voltage (VIO) 3-5V
Motor Voltage (VM) 5.5-28V
Motor Phase Current max 2A RMS, 2.8A Peak
Internal V- Regulator enabled
RDSon 0.1 Ohm (HV 0.2 Ohm)
stealthChop (quiet) yes
spreadCycle yes
coolStep yes
stallGuard yes
dcStep yes

Pin Functions







Pin Function
Power Supply
GND Ground
VM Motor Supply Voltage
VIO Logic Supply Voltage
Motor Outputs
M1A Motor Coil 1
M1B Motor Coil 1
M2A Motor Coil 2
M2B Motor Coil 2
Control Inputs
STEP Step-Signal Input
DIR Direction-Signal Input
EN Enable Motor Outputs: GND=on, VIO=off
MS1 Microstep resolution configuration (internal pull-down resistors)
MS2 MS1: 00: ⅛, 01: ½, 10: ¼ 11: 1/16 For UART based configuration selection of UART Address 0…3
SP Chopper mode selection: Low/pin open=StealthChop, High=SpreadCycle
CLK CLK input. Tie to GND using short wire for internal clock or supply external clock.
TYPE The V4.0 version replaces the original CLK pin with a module type identification pin, which is mainly used for spider king.
TX UART TX, Connected to the PDN via a 1K resistor on board
RX UART RX, Directly connected to the PDN
DIAG Diagnostic and StallGuard output. Hi level upon stall detection or driver error. Reset error condition by ENN=high.
INDEX Configurable index output. Provides index pulse.
VREF Analog Reference Voltage

Interface Resources

Wiring Diagram


Motor Current Setting

Below V2.1:




The best way to set the motor current is by measuring the voltage on the Vref pin (0…2.5V) and adjusting the voltage with the potentiometer. The maximum settable motor current is 1.77A RMS (0.11Ohm sense resistors), but the SilentStepSticks can only be used up to 1.2A RMS.
Irms = (Vref * 1.77A) / 2.5V = Vref * 0.71
Vref = (Irms * 2.5V) / 1.77A = Irms * 1.41 = Imax
Vref -> Voltage on Vref pin
Irms -> RMS (Root Mean Square) current per phase (Irms = Imax / 1.41)
Imax -> Maximum current per phase (Imax = Irms * 1.41)


​ 1. Vref measures Gnd and the voltage at the middle of the potentiometer.
​ 2. Do not connect the motor when measuring the voltage, otherwise it is easy to burn the driver.
​ 3. Power should be connected when measuring voltage, do not just connect USB power supply.
​ 4. Please pay special attention to directions!


RMS Current (A): Reference Voltage (V):


MS2(-) MS1(-) Steps(-) Interpolation(-) Mode(-)
GND VIO 1⁄2 1⁄256 stealthChop2
VIO GND 1⁄4 1⁄256 stealthChop2
GND GND 1⁄8 1⁄256 stealthChop2
VIO VIO 1⁄16 1⁄256 stealthChop2

Setting Method

V2.1 Hardware Connection


You can use every RS232 serial adapter with 0-5V logic levels (e.g. FTDI-Breakout) and the SilentStepStick Tester/Programmer can be used as connection adapter.


The FYSETC TMC2209V2.1 version has been set with jumpers, and the TX and RX pins are lengthened for easy wiring. You only need to follow the silk screen to wire and use.

V3.0 Hardware Connection




V3.1 Hardware Connection


  1. add CLK pin ,not connect in default,tie to GND via 0R

  2. SPREAD pin is floating. Reserve pull-up and pull-down resistors.

  3. Move TX from 3 to 5

  4. UART mode is compatible with F6,S6,SKR series and MKS series motherboards.

V4.0 Hardware Connection



Tech Support

Please submit any technical issue into our forum