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CREALITY X-axis Belt Tensioner

Product Introduction

CREALITY X-axis Belt Tensioner

Product name:CREALITY X-axis Belt Tensioner

Material:Aluminum alloy


Applicable machine:

Ender-3、 Ender-3 pro、CR-10、 CR-10S、CR10 pro、CR10 V2、Ender-5 3D Printer、Other 2020V profiles, etc .


  • It can adjust the belt tightness, improve movement accuracy, and improve printing quality
  • Metal material, strong and stable, long service life
  • Easy to install.

Assembly steps

You can watch the assembly video.Or follow the steps to install.

steps 1:Check if the material is correct according to the picture. ED3X01 steps 2:Install M4X25 screws. ED3X02 steps 3:Install pulley. ED3X03 ED3X04 steps 4:Install the front and rear side panels. ED3X05 steps 5:Install the thumb nut. ED3X06 steps 6:Install the boat nut. ED3X07


Refer to the assembly tutorial to avoid installation errors.


  1. Q: How to install to my 3D printer? A: You can watch the assembly video.



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