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Prusa-MK3S-Bear-Upgrade-v2.0 Kit Database

1.Prusa-MK3S-Bear-Upgrade-v2.0 STL file update 2020.7.31

FYSETC/Prusa-MK3S-Bear-Upgrade-v2.0: Some files by Prusa MK3S clone (

These print files are suitable for Prusa-MK3S-Bear-Upgrade-v2.0 3D printer. Designed by pekcitron.

2.Prusa-MK3S-Bear-Upgrade-v2.0 assembly tutorial

3.FaceBook Group:

4.Prusa MK3S bear Upgrade v2.0 assembly tutorial update 2020.9.4
The tutorial is very detailed. We also provide a video assembly tutorial. It is more convenient to use the two tutorials together,divided into 6 steps:

5.Go to buy link: