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Product Introduction


The TMC5160 is a high power stepper motor controller and driver IC with serial communication interfaces. It combines a flexible ramp generator for automatic target positioning with industries’ most advanced stepper motor driver. Using external transistors, highly dynamic, high torque drives can be realized. Based on Trinamic's sophisticated SpreadCycle™ and StealthChop™ choppers, the driver ensures absolutely noiseless operation combined with maximum efficiency and best motor torque. High integration, high energy efficiency and a small form factor enable miniaturized and scalable systems for cost effective solutions. The complete solution reduces learning curve to a minimum while giving best performance in class. TMC5160-WA uses a wettable flank package to allow optical inspection of the soldering joints.


  • 2-phase stepper motors up to 20A coil current (external MOSFETs) e
  • Motion Controller with SixPoint™ramp
  • Step/Dir Interface with microstep interpolation MicroPlyer™
  • Voltage Range 8 … 60V DC
  • SPI & Single Wire UART
  • Encoder Interface and 2x Ref.-Switch Input
  • Highest Resolution 256 microsteps per full step
  • StealthChop2™ for quiet operation and smooth motion
  • Resonance Dampening for mid-range resonances
  • SpreadCycle™ highly dynamic motor control chopper
  • DcStep™ load dependent speed control
  • StallGuard2™ high precision sensorless motor load detection
  • CoolStep™ current control for energy savings up to 75%
  • Passive Braking and freewheeling mode
  • Full Protection & Diagnostics

Technical Specifications

Model TMC5160
Interface Step/Dir or SPI
Configuration SPI
Native Microsteps up to 1/256
microPlyer Microsteps 1/256
Logic Voltage (VIO) 3-5V
Motor Voltage (VM) 10 - 35V
Motor Phase Current max 3.0A
Internal V- Regulator enabled
RDSon 0.1 Ohm
stealthChop (quiet) yes
spreadCycle yes
coolStep yes
stallGuard yes
dcStep yes

Pin Functions


Pin Function
Power Supply
GND Ground
VM Motor Supply Voltage
VCC-IO 3.3V to 5V IO supply voltage for all digital pins.
Motor Outputs
B1 Motor Coil 1
B2 Motor Coil 1
A1 Motor Coil 2
A2 Motor Coil 2
Control Inputs
EN Enable Motor Outputs: GND=on, VIO=off
CLK CLK input.Tie to GND using short wire for internal clock or supply external clock.Internal clock-fail over circuit protects against loss of external clock signal.
SDI SPI data input
SCK SPI serial clock input
CSN SPI chip select input (negative active)
SDO SPI data output (tristate)
DIAG Diagnostics output DIAG0.
ENCB DcStep enable input (SD_MODE=1,SPI_MODE=1)–leave open
ENCA DcStep gating input for axis synchronization
ENCN DcStep ready output(SD_MODE=1)

Interface Resources

Wiring Diagram


Mode selection


​ The FYSETC S5160 V1.2 defaults to SPI mode. If you need to change to Standalone mode, you need to change the jumper as shown.

F6 jumper for TMC5160 SPI mode


If you are using the TMC5160 SPI mode on the F6, you do not need extra wiring, just plug in the jumper cap on the F6 as shown.


Tech Support

Please submit any technical issue into our forum